With the proliferation of advanced mobile devices, access to a common virtual layer is now in the hands of millions – a new digital public space has emerged which is highly accessible, portable, and location-aware. Manifest.AR is a global network of artists who are exploring this new public space by producing augmented reality public art work and augmented interventions. The group collaborates closely, and identifies with a common manifesto, published in January 2011 by the founding members.

“With AR we install, revise, permeate, simulate, expose, decorate, crack, infest and unmask Public Institutions, Identities and Objects previously held by Elite Purveyors of Public and Artistic Policy in the so-called Physical Real.”

The collective produces exhibitions all over the world together – a member, often geographically located in the region where an exhibition is being produced, will act as the coordinator for the group, put an open call out to its members and provide administrative support in coordination of the participants. Working in this location-aware manner the collective’s reach extends far beyond any one member. Aided by web platforms such as wordpress, gchat, skype and facebook they remain connected across geographic divides.

The artists in Manifest.AR are united in their exploration of a specific technology that is still emerging. The reality of AR work presents many challenges – viewer awareness, signal performance, light conditions and device inconsistencies make troubleshooting an integral part of producing work. Amidst this rapidly evolving technological landscape the members have a stake in producing stronger work with these tools, and are a source of support, feedback and inspiration to each other towards this end.