Internet art has evolved considerably in the last decade – artistic practice is increasingly adopting an explicit treatment of the medium of the web. Well-developed bodies of work have begun to emerge that exhibit a sophisticated and intentional approach to artmaking on the Internet. Computers Club is a group of Internet artists that was initiated in 2007 by Krist Wood, an artist and musician:

“It became more and more common for me to encounter artworks and personal websites of people displaying a conscientious and outward awareness of the Internet in their computer art practices; presenting themselves on their homepages as fine artists. For me, experiencing a purposefully made collection of "works" together with their creator's online persona presented in this type of homepage website context creates a sort of Internet art character, and a cast of Internet art characters forms in my mind. The origin of Computers Club lies in the progression from that earlier more embedded, sometimes surreptitious version of Internet art to this later version increasingly populated by a cast of fine art-tinged characters. Computers Club began as an endeavor to assemble together my most cherished characters encountered at both ends of that progression.”

The membership continues to be curated by the group’s founder, who extends invitations to participate and inaugurates new members. There are some organic collaborations that fall out of the member’s interactions, but there are no explicit collaborative structures or practices in place. The group is mainly focused around open sharing of artworks through posting on the blog. An IRC channel, chat, email and facebook facilitate dialog between members.

Computers Club also hosts a browser-based drawing tool that is accessible to a wider group of artists, in addition to the core group of members. Members of the Drawing Society regularly use the tool to create and publish original work online.